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AUS Injection provides Injector Full Service and Flow Test services.

Flow Test2

Your Fuel Injector Set will be flow bench tested to verify the injector performance individually. This flow test will also include a flow sheet report.

If any injector shows fuel flow insufficiency, it is highly recommended to get the complete set serviced.

If you decide to get the Fuel Injector set serviced, we will not charge you for the Flow Test.

Flow Test
Full Service3

Send us your fuel injectors and we will restore them to perform as new factory originals.

What’s included in the full service?

  • All Injectors are Electronically Tested
  • Internal Ultrasonic Cleaning
  • Back Flushing
  • Reverse Flow Pressure Cleaning
  • Leak Test
  • Spray Pattern Test
  • Flow Test
  • Painting / Polishing
  • New Replaceable Components
  • Final Tests
  • Lubrication & Packaging

We are currently servicing: Multi PortDirect Injection and Racing Performance Fuel Injectors.

Full Service

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