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For BEST results, we strongly suggest to service the complete Fuel Injector set, since all injectors are tested for FLOW MATCHING purposes.

The reflected price is for each injector serviced.
Please contact us if you have any questions or comments before sending your injectors.


The images below show a Matched and Unmatched injector on the Test Bench. A Matched Flow set will send even quantity of fuel to each engine cylinder, making the vehicle run smoothly.



All Injectors are Electronically Tested:

Coils are tested for correct electrical resistance and for coil weakness. Good units are then disassembled (Micro filter, seals, pintle caps and plastic spacer are removed.)

Internal Ultrasonic Cleaning:

Sets of 8 injectors are simultaneously cleaned in ultrasonic tanks specifically designed to clean fuel injectors. The injectors are placed in the ultrasonic tank with a cleaning solvent while they are electronically activated. The ultrasonic waves are allowed into the fuel injectors to clean and remove all internal contaminants. External Cleaning: Once the internal contaminants have been loosened up then the fuel injectors are completely submerged in bigger tanks to complete the ultrasonic cleaning internally and externally.

Back Flushing:

Once the injector has been cleaned ultrasonically, all units are individually back flushed to remove the broken dirt particles. These particles can not be removed thru the injection orifices so they are driven out thru the inlet of the injector.

Reverse Flow Pressure Cleaning:

(This extra step is very critical, especially on all GM Injectors). All injectors are then mounted on the flow bench in an inverted position allowing them to reverse flow at a considerable pressure. We run a high performance injector cleaning solvent thru the injectors for 30 minutes, completing the cleaning process. This process assures us that all dirt particles completely removed from the injector. No other company performs this procedure.

Leak Test:

Injectors are now mounted on the flow bench in the correct position to begin the testing procedures. We apply 60 PIS of pressure (more than a regular multi-port fuel injection system) and maintain this pressure with no signal to the injectors for 30 seconds. This test is to ensure that there are no fuel leaks.

Spray Pattern Test:

The spray patter is then visually inspected applying pressure and holding the injectors statically open for correct spray form (Spray pattern may be different in some injectors).

To determine if any flow differences are caused by dirt blockage or defective injector components we perform two additional measuring test:


1 Static Flow Test:

The amount of fuel delivered by each injector is measured by holding the injector continuously open at a constant pressured (normally 44 PSI / 3 BAR) for a predetermined period of time). During this test if there is a flow difference of more than 4% it is likely caused by dirt blockage since the injector components (spring& coil) are not being utilized at this time.

2 Dynamic Flow Test:

The amount of fuel delivered by each injector is measured by activating the injector at different pulse cycles and RPM’S at a constant pressure (normally 44 PSI / 3 BAR) for a predetermined period of time. (This test better simulates actual daily driving conditions). If the flow difference in this test is greater that the difference of the static test this would indicate faulty injector components (spring or coil).

Painting / Polishing:

Depending on the original manufacturer presentation, the injectors are either painted or polished to give the best cosmetic appearance possible

New Components:

Injectors are now assembled with new replaceable components (Filter baskets, pintle caps, O-rings and seals)

Final Tests:

A final test is now performed with all new components installed. The purpose of this test is to make sure the filter basket; o-rings, seals and pintle caps are positioned correctly and are not disturbing the flow or the spray pattern of the injector. 

Lubrication & Packaging:

Injectors are lubricated with special oil and protective caps are placed on both ends to extend the shelf life and assure that when they are installed in the vehicle they will be in optimum operating condition. Each injector is individually bagged.

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